Mick creates clothing business


Addie Clayton

Sophomore Ian Baker wears one of Mick’s first creations, a handmade Nike Skeleton sweatshirt.

Addie Clayton, Reporter

Sometimes, to make a little extra money, students will start a small business through social media apps like Instagram. Senior Owen Mick did just that. Mick made an Instagram account called MicksFits&Kicks. Mick sells vintage clothes, refurbished clothes and shoes on his Instagram page. 

Mick sells his items for a cheap price depending on whether he refurbished the items or not. If he did spend the time to refurbish the apparel, he sells them for a little more than what was bought for. If he is just re-selling the clothing or shoes, he typically will sell them for a lower price than they were bought for.  

“I have always had a deep connection to clothing and my brother Garrett has an odd style of how he dresses and I have always looked up to how he dresses and I think that had a big part in the inspiration for making this account,” Mick said. 

Mick said that he tries to post every weekend. He said he usually posts four to five items on his account at a given time. Mick also asks people who follow his account for their opinions on whether or not he should buy something to either refurbish or re-sell. 

“I find clothes I like at thrift stores or online and if they need resewn or have stains I clean them up and resell them for more. With shoes, I find old beat up shoes and fix them up and resell them on my Instagram,” Mick said.

Mick is currently selling cheap vintage clothing and is wanting to expand out to more expensive vintage clothing. The prices of his clothing currently range from $5 to $75. Some of the items posted do not have a price and Mick instead lets people give offers and whatever he feels fit to sell the item for he will sell it.

“My clothes are the best and you should definitely buy from me to support small businesses and get great clothing,” Mick said.