Increase in hat usage observed on campus


Many students use hats as a form of expression.

Eris Rindt, Reporter

With the 2021-22 school year ramping up, new outfits and fashion trends are arising all throughout the school. USD 373 has a set dress code, in which students are to follow, but new to NHS this year, students are no longer being removed from class for dress code violations. Meaning, teachers and administration have collectively decided to better the relationship between staff and students by not stopping the flow of the learning environment to communicate with a student about an outfit choice.

One example of this change is the decision to stop arguing about hats within the school setting. While teachers are allowed to ask students to remove their hats, many have chosen to wait until the end of class to have a one on one discussion, or not say anything at all. During school picture day, students were asked to take a picture without their hats to be placed in the yearbook but were offered the opportunity for another picture where they could wear a hat if they wanted to. 

Usually [I wear a hat] about twice a week,” junior Max Masem said. “[I think schools should allow the use of hats] because it should be a freedom of choice. Live and let live.”

The staff at NHS has recognized that students have different ways of expressing themselves through their outfit choices. According to Huffpost, Lady Gaga has been recently wearing more hats to help express herself during interviews and performances. 

“[Hats should continue to be worn] because it’s not affecting other people in any way, it’s an older generational norm branching from the military,” senior Colin Bybee said.

Students of other schools such as Hesston follow their dress code with the includement of a no tolerance policy. NHS, on the other hand, has started their way forward in trying to help students receive an education rather than focusing on the clothes that they are wearing. While some may see the dress code as more lenient, the real change from years past is the improved connection between students and staff and especially in the form of non-distracting forms of clothing.  

I believe that the administration should let [students wear hats] because there is nothing bad about wearing them,” junior Owen Myers said. “[But some teachers do ask for me not to wear my hat which] I don’t really mind.”