Artists release hit albums

Artists release hit albums

Addie Clayton, Reporter

Almost every high schooler listens to music so it is no surprise that the students at NHS are already eagerly listening to new music that has just been released. In the past couple of months, multiple artists have released new music whether it’s albums or singles. A lot of the students at NHS have listened to some of these albums and have conflicting opinions on whether they like the newly released music or not. 

A survey of 116 students at NHS concluded that 56.1% of the student body have listened to the album Sour by Olivia Rodrigo. This was the most listened to album at NHS. Sophomore Karlyn Archilbald says her favorite album that has been released this year was the Sour album

“I enjoy the music on the album and love how I can relate to some of the songs on the album. My favorite songs on the album were definitely Traitor and Deja Vu,” Archibald said. “I think that all of the albums that have been released this year have had really good music and they all fit the mood.”

With 42.1% of the student body listening to the album Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish, the album sits as the second most listened to album at NHS. Planet Her by Doja Cat comes in a close third having 41.2% of the student body listening to the album. Freshman Lily Schloneger has listened to many of the albums that have recently been released like Donda, Certified Lover Boy, Call Me if You Get Lost, Planet Her, Sour, and many more.

Call me if you get lost’ was my favorite album this year. I’ve always liked Tyler the Creator’s music and I think this is one of his best albums,” Schloneger said. “My favorite artists and groups are Tyler the Creator, Brockhampton and Kendrick Lamar. I think that their music is really cool and I think Tyler’s storytelling abilities in his music are really interesting and make the albums better overall.”

Unlike Archibald, Schloneger says she thinks this year has only been an average year for music. She says a lot of good albums and singles have been released but she thinks there have definitely been better years for music in the past. 

“I don’t think this year has been a good year for music because most of my favorite artists did not release any music. I also think that most artists have been focusing on other projects rather than music,” junior Henriette Yemba said. 

Similarly to Archibald, Sour was Yemba’s favorite album that was released this year. She says it was her favorite because she could relate to it more than the other albums that have been released.

“Olivia Rodrigo is my favorite artist at the moment because she sounds like Taylor Swift with a little bit of spice,” Yemba said. “My favorite songs on the album are Happier, Deja Vu, Good 4 U, Favorite Crime, Jealousy Jealousy and Traitor.”