Crystals become popular through social media

Crystals rise in popularity with influence from social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Eris Rindt

Crystals rise in popularity with influence from social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Caileane Thurston, Reporter

Throughout this past year, an increase of crystal use has flooded social media platforms. In many cases, crystals are thought to aid physical, emotional and spiritual healing when held or placed on the body. While this trend is just beginning, people have used crystals for metaphysical activities for years. 

Sophomore Sophia Houser has been fascinated with crystals since before she can remember. She gets her crystals from Etsy, Arizona and local shops in Wichita. While there are many purposes for crystal use, she in particular utilizes them for spiritual purposes. She spends time after purchasing her crystals ensuring they are real, in order to receive the best result. 

“[There are various methods you can use in order to] detect if some of them are fake. You can use nail paint and see whether it smears… They’re [also] real if they’re cooler than room temperature. If the crystal melts ice, for example, it is genuine,” Houser said. 

Although crystals have started to become a bigger trend in 2021, these practices have been used as ancient types of medicine, with philosophies derived from Hinduism and Buddhism. Crystals, according to The Washington Post, work as a healing power hold because they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body while removing negative, toxic energy. They function by channeling your energy levels and focusing on mending your body from the inside out. 

“If you charge a crystal with an intention to improve something for you and that area of your life is changing and things start going the way you wanted them to then, the crystal is usually working,” freshman Taylor Fair said. 

Jewelry, keepsakes, collectibles and crystal grids are used for tumbled crystals. Tumbled crystals are brightly polished rocks that are created by putting the rough rocks through a rock tumbling machine. It makes the rocks smooth, shiny and polished. Raw crystals are meant to have a stronger vibration because they are straight from mines. The tumbling process is thought to remove some of the natural energy. Raw crystals are rocks that were pulled directly from the ground, they are slightly more fragile. While they do not have the same aesthetic as tumbled stones, their energy is far more powerful according to The Oracles Haven.

“I prefer raw crystals because I think they work better spirituality the way they were pulled from the ground and they also look cooler [in my opinion],” Fair said. 

Crystals, like other alternative therapy suggestions, function by channeling your energy levels and focusing on mending your body and mind. Considering that there is no scientific proof that has backed crystal energy, they are thought to have the ability to cause the body to produce a placebo effect, which can cause brain and bodily changes that can be measured. The placebo effect has been scientifically demonstrated to aid medical treatment, according to The Healthline. 

“Each one has their own healing properties. Clear quartz can be used for anything, rose quartz can be used for self love, blue apatite can be used for the throat chakra, tigers eye is for wealth, light aventurine is meant for calming and amethyst is used for discovering your spiritual self,” Houser said.

Studies show that many crystal supporters think that a different variety of crystals are filled with their unique healing qualities for the mind, body and soul. The use of crystals is meant to increase the flow of positive energy and aid in the removal of bad energy from the body and psyche, which causes a change in physical and emotional beliefs. 

“I don’t necessarily think crystals are “above all” and can heal anything. I think it’s more of a deep spiritual thing or a connection. There has been a lot of proof that people’s lives have been bettered by crystals and if you use them correctly they could really impact your life for the better,” sophomore Ava Siebert said.