Pringle joins NHS Staff

Mateya McCord, Reporter

To further her love for helping and working with students, Nicole Pringle has joined the NHS staff as a new school counselor. Pringle came to NHS because her husband was offered the position of Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Bethel College. She relocated to Newton in July after spending the majority of her life in California.

The trip from California to Kansas took Pringle and her family around two days. Pringle and her family visited a variety of different states throughout their journey including Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Pringle has two boys, the younger is 10 and the older is 12. 

“Colorado was my favorite state from the trip,” Pringle said. “I’ve spent most of my life in Northern California, surrounded by big beautiful mountains. I’ve never been to the midwest but so far I really enjoy Kansas.”

Many teachers and coaches from NHS and Bethel College helped Pringle and her family move in. Pringle says everyone has been very supportive of her family moving to Newton. It was a slow adjustment for her family at first, but she said it was a positive change for them overall.

“People have been very warm and welcoming when coming into Newton. It was an adjustment at first; the slower pace in Newton, but it’s been a good shift for my family,” Pringle said. 

Pringle is a very outgoing person who enjoys watching and playing basketball. Her family is very important to her and she enjoys spending time with them outdoors.

“My family is my absolute world,” Pringle said. “We spend a lot of our time outside playing basketball, riding bikes, going to the lake, or finding unique hole-in-the-wall restaurants. We love to be outside. Other times you will catch us at either my husband’s or boys’ sporting games. My favorite sport is basketball and I am looking forward to watching a couple of Kansas or Wichita State basketball games.”

This is Pringle’s first year as a high school counselor and she knew no one when she arrived. Pringle says she wanted to be a counselor because she enjoys engaging with students and assisting them.

“I enjoy helping and encouraging students to be their best as they navigate through high school, exploring options for their future but probably my favorite part is getting to know the students; the day-to-day conversations,” Pringle said.

Students often reach high school and have teachers push them to do something they love. Pringle, unlike her fellow classmates, was not sure about her direction in life but being a counselor was a job she always wanted to try and her school counselor helped her believe that she could do anything she wanted too. Ultimately, Pringle landed at Newton High School.

“During high school, I struggled to find my purpose, my direction in life, but my counselor saw potential in me and was able to point out my gifts,” Pringle said. “She empowered me to believe that I could achieve the impossible. My hope is to do the same for other students.”