Car crash changes Xzavion Martin’s life


Mateya McCord, Reporter

On Oct. 19, 2019 senior Xzavion Martin was in a severe car accident that, according to the medical personnel on scene, was just short of being fatal. The wreck happened at 3:30 a.m. on East 1st St. in a white 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe. Xzavion Martin says before the accident it felt like just a regular day, he was unaware of the terrors that would later unfold.

“I went to school, then after school the pre-game meal, then after the meal we prep and put on some of our equipment. The game happens, we win, we’re pumped because we don’t win very much obviously,” Xzavion Martin said. “That night I attended a small party that my great friend [senior] Jaxon Brackeen hosted.”

Xzavion Martin says that he and his mom, Makiyah Martin, have always been super close. Makiyah Martin did not want her son driving his car to the party since his friend’s house was located so far outside of town so he told her NHS alumni, Gavin Cusick, was taking him.

“My mother didn’t want me driving my white 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe to the party because of where Jaxon’s house is located. I wasn’t able to stay the night and everyone I knew that was going was staying the night,” Xzavion Martin said. “So I lied to my mother and told her Gavin Cusick was taking me but in reality he really wasn’t.”

Xzavion Martin’s immediate thought after the crash was if he was dreaming or not. He thought about everything he was putting his family through and felt very apologetic. Xzavion Martin said he left the party at about 3:15 a.m.

“Heading home I dozed off three times and the third time I dozed off into a ditch,” Xzavion Martin said. “I woke up to the impact of my nose hitting the steering wheel. Realizing the situation I was in, I thought it was a dream, and thinking no way I let myself do this. I thought of everything I was putting my family through.”

Xzavion Martin said he felt angry and was very upset. The car was destroyed and would not move whatsoever.

“When I woke up, my windshield was cracked into many pieces, the engine was smoking, my gas tank lid was open and gas was literally coming out. I stepped into water that had risen to the top of my calf. There was a gas station about 300 feet away from me and I ran to it asking the woman at the register could she help me and not to call the police,” Xzavion Martin said.

Drunk driving is a very serious topic due to the many teen drunk driving car crashes that happen each year. According to Drive Safely, the best way to prevent teens from drinking and driving, or riding with a drunk driver, is to educate your kids and/or students.

“I ran out the store [and] back to my truck. A policeman arrives and I immediately hug him, for a good amount of time. He asked me if I had been drinking and I told him I don’t drink. The paramedics arrive and they take my blood pressure. The officer tests my BAC. I was so angry because I told him I didn’t drink. I blew all zeros,” Xzavion Martin said.

Makiyah Martin found out about the accident from her mom and immediately left her home. She was so worried about her son that it slipped her mind to even put on shoes.

“I woke up at about 3 a.m. and Xzavion was not home. I checked his location and saw he was still out in the country. I tried to call and send messages to him and got no response. I had a bad feeling and couldn’t go back to sleep without contact from him so I stayed up and kept calling and texting. About 45 minutes later my mom called me and said ‘X was in an accident,’” Makiyah Martin said. “She didn’t have many details but said that he managed to get to the gas station to call for help and told me where the accident was. At that same time I was getting a call from emergency responders and all they said was there was an accident and gave me the location. I went so fast that I didn’t even put shoes on. I jumped in my car and went straight to the scene.”

Makiyah Martin felt devastated and very angry at the actions of her son. Although she was happy that her son was alive, she was frustrated with the situation as a whole since he lied to her.

“When I approached the scene I panicked! It was rainy outside and wet, I could see sirens, about three to four different emergency vehicle sirens from the highway and exit. I at first didn’t see Xzavion’s truck. As I got closer I saw it in the ditch, halfway covered in water. He was nowhere in sight. Barefoot I hopped out the car and officers approached me and said he was in the ambulance. My heart dropped as they opened the doors and then I saw him standing there without a scratch and was instantly flooded with emotions,” Makiyah Martin said.

Xzavion Martin says that the accident was the greatest life lesson he has ever faced and that it continues to motivate him each day to follow his dreams. Xzavion Martin plans to attend Dodge City Community College in the fall to continue his academic and athletic career.

“This crash changed my mindset for the better, it gave me the mentality I have now. To try to cherish every moment I have with my family and friends because no one knows when that expiration date is. This is the greatest life lesson I’ve had, and I thank God for it because it was a blessing in disguise. This crash was more motivation and another reason why I should follow my dreams. I survived that for a reason. I’ll fulfill my dreams soon,” Xzavion Martin said.