Matchomatics fundraiser returns despite COVID-19


Addie Clayton

Freshman Abby Koontz and Brooklynn Black pose with the results of the Matchomatics fundraiser on Mar. 9.

Addie Clayton, Reporter

Even though Valentine’s day has passed, the NHS Student Council (StuCo) is still holding their annual fundraiser. Each year in February, StuCo hosts a fundraiser called Matchomatics. In a normal year, StuCo holds this fundraiser around the same time the choir provides singing valentines and when the club Business Professionals of America (BPA) sells Crush pops. Although those annual events were prevented from occurring due to the pandemic, StuCo is excited to continue their tradition within the midst of adversity. StuCo has held this fundraiser every year since 2018, according to student council president Eli Redington.  

StuCo sends out a survey to all the students at NHS through a company called Matchomatics. When using the company Matchomatics, people can choose between 11 different surveys on their website to send out or they can make a custom survey. The company’s website then compiles those answers into a chart. The chart then shows the participants best matches based on answers to the survey questions.

We also pay a little extra to have fun facts about birthdays, zodiac signs, and some jokes,” Redington said. “It’s always fun to see the results, from someone matching with their siblings to seeing if your best friend matched with you.”

In order for students to receive their results they must pay $1 to a StuCo representative, typically during lunch following the release of results. The money that is raised by the fundraiser goes directly back to the company to pay off how much the event cost to hold. It costs 80 cents to purchase each result from the company according to Redington.

“Usually there are quite a few left over, but that just makes the results more interesting for everyone else which is why we encourage everyone to fill out a quiz even if they don’t buy their results,” Redington said. “It’s been a tough year for everyone, even if we can’t host dances, run events or do our usual activities, this is something we can do. Everyone is looking for a little fun and this is just a way to bring some excitement and laughs to the students here.”

This year through the Matchomatics organization, StuCo has received 183 results which is a little lower than their average of 200 results each year. Many students have enjoyed the suspense of seeing their compatible matches in past years, according to a survey of sophomores, juniors and seniors who have participated previously.

“I enjoy it, because it is fun with all the anticipation of figuring out who is your match out of the entire school,” senior Medora LaRose said. 

A lot of students say they like to see what they have in common with the other students at NHS whether they are students they previously knew or not. Some students say it is a good way to meet new people. 

My favorite part about the fundraiser would be trying to find out exactly who the people are that you matched with,” senior Mackenzie Glasmann said.