Dietz is awarded Assistant Principal of the Year


Assistant principal Gregory Dietz poses with this newly obtained award on Dec. 11.

Assistant Principal Gregory Dietz has been working in administration at the high school for 22 years. After the 2020-2021 school year, Dietz plans to retire after working to create a positive impact and constructive environment within USD 373 for over two decades. 

Dietz grew up in north central Wyoming and attended the University of Wyoming where he received his undergraduate degree. Dietz then went on to Fort Hays State University where he received his master’s degree in Educational Administration/Building Leadership. He worked as a teacher and coach before deciding to turn down the path of administration.

“I was working as a teacher and coach, [but] I always wanted to be an administrator,” Dietz said. “I believed that I could make a positive difference for everyone.”

While working at NHS, Dietz has made many friends among colleagues. Dietz says that he can not give credit to just one person who contributed to his success, because many made a great impact. However, Dietz recognizes Fred Becker as being an icon for the school district. 

“I have been blessed over the years to work with so many intelligent and encouraging people such as students and staff members,” Dietz said. “My wife has played a central role in supporting me during all these years. Like most jobs, you tend to miss family events because you have to put in long hours at work.”

In December, Dietz was awarded the Assistant Principal of the Year Award, which honors vice principals who were recognized by their peers. The award is presented by the United School Administrators of Kansas. A total of 14 awards were given out to staff in different schools all throughout Kansas. Dietz says that he was surprised to be given the award, but humbled to see that others in education recognized the hard work he does. Athletic director Brian Becker who has worked closely with Dietz for the last five years believes that Dietz’s award was well deserved.

Mr. Dietz does many different projects behind the scenes that need to be done to complete the many things to comply with state requirements. He also does things that need to be done to accomplish tasks assigned to him by the school and district,” Becker said. “He uses his time to do general supervision on our campus. Supervision is an amazing thing. He is patient and thoughtful in working with students.”

While working in administration at the high school, Dietz has accomplished many great tasks. However, Dietz believes his most notable act is implementing ALICE protocols within the school and training staff members. Becker says that Dietz’s work is considered essential in the school and he has been a steady influence for many years.

“Dietz has been a good dependable assistant principal and colleague,” Becker said. “He is a hard-working man. He puts much effort into all kinds of things he is called to do.”

With Dietz’s retirement coming up in the next couple of months, the high school has hired Tiffany Stephey to take Dietz’s place as vice principal next year. However, the district will never forget the things Dietz did for the school during his years as vice principal.

I have enjoyed Mr. Dietz’s references to movies, his sense of humor, and his honest conversations about topics being discussed,” Becker said. “When I have asked Mr. Dietz what to do in certain situations, I have enjoyed good and clear directions from him.”