Holiday Horoscopes


Matt Olson, Reporter


Aries: 2021 will be a year of change for you, Aries, and likely for the better. You will face many decisions, so this is not the time to be indecisive. Face things head on. Is there a goal you have been hesitating to reach for?


Taurus: Do not be afraid to take risks in the upcoming year. This may be difficult for you as an earth sign, but the people around you will help to make sure it pays off. This will be a year of new opportunities for you, Taurus. It will be best to welcome them with open arms.


Gemini: Gemini, 2021 does not prove to be a year of drastic change for you. Rather, you are more likely to embrace your creativity and be more charismatic. Not that it would be a difficult task for you as an air sign. Take a leap of faith and use your creative energy to express yourself.


Cancer: 2021 will bring change for you, Cancer. But do not let this scare you. As a water sign, change can make you feel anxious, keep in mind that there are positive changes too. There are great things in store for you next year, but only if you are open to the possibilities.


Leo: Leo, Jupiter and Saturn will influence you the most this year. This will cause your year to have many ups and downs. As a fire sign, it may be best for you to focus on your social and work life. This will help you improve your relationships and finances. This will, however, require hard work for you to be successful.


Virgo: Virgo, the new year will bring good luck in your social life. You are encouraged to improve your health and absorb new knowledge. It will be a year of blessings if you are able to work hard, which is something that comes easily to you as an earth sign.


Libra: As a Libra, 2021 will bring progress in your career and life plans. Full of achievements, you, as an air sign, will face many complex challenges that you will need to face without feeling discouraged. Good things will come if you believe and allow them to.


Scorpio: As a water sign, it may be hard to take accountability without expecting others to do the same. Be vulnerable, Scorpio, this is crucial in order for you to choose honesty over your ego in the new year. Who/What are you avoiding?


Sagittarius: Sagittarius, 2021 will bring you a break from your normally chaotic life. Do not confuse calm with boring, your social life will bring you a lot of excitement. As a fire sign, excitement and passion is something that you crave. Allow time for you to be yourself this year, let go of expectations.


Capricorn: Opportunities are coming your way, Capricorn. For the past several years, Pluto has been in Capricorn, which allows you to use your intuition wisely when facing these new opportunities. It is your decision to take them, and as an earth sign, gut feelings come naturally to you.


Aquarius: Aquarius, the new year has big plans for you. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are going to have a big influence, so be ready for everything that is thrown your way. As an air sign, with your intelligence and progressive personality, this should not be an issue for you.


Pisces: Pisces, recently, you may be feeling your emotions too deeply. This is not uncommon for water signs. Take the time to think about things logically before making any rash decisions. This year will be tricky, but help will come if you allow it. Do not be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.