2020 Spotify Wrapped Review


Senior Jonah Schloneger’s top two genres for 2020 were pop and hip hop.

Eris Rindt, Reporter

With concerts and other event centers closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have relied on the music streaming and podcast app, Spotify, for entertainment over these recent treacherous months. Annually in December, Spotify ends the year with a wrap up of all the music users have listened to and other statistics for user amusement.

Throughout 2020, senior Jonah Schloneger listened to a total of 118,356 minutes of music on Spotify.

The 2020 Wrapped included how many minutes users listened, the top five artists from their playlists, their top five songs and their top genres. Freshman Adelyn Clayton said that although she uses Spotify a lot, she uses a variety of apps for her musical entertainment.

“I listened to 15,733 minutes and it would have been way more if I only listened to Spotify but I listen to music on like three different apps,” Clayton said. “My top two genres were pop and modern rock and I don’t really have specific reasons for liking them. If it sounds good to me I’ll listen to them.”

Many people have taken to social media in the past several days to show off their 2020 Spotify Wrapped. While sharing on social media many people have criticized Spotify on whether their 2020 Wrapped’s are accurate or not. Sophomore Camryn Entz argues that hers was indeed accurate. Entz explains that she enjoys seeing others’ playlists on social media.

I think my Wrapped was pretty spot on because all I basically listen to is Harry Styles and One Direction,” Entz said. “It is pretty interesting [to see others’ playlists] because there are so many different artists out there that I don’t even know about and so it just gives me even more music to listen to.”

Lizzy McAlpine was senior Jonah Schloneger’s most listened to artist this year and he was in the top 0.001 percent of her listeners.

Spotify has approximately 286 million active users worldwide and has become the largest music streaming platform according to Business Of Apps. Spotify Wrapped focuses on your activity on Spotify and shows the various artists that you have supported throughout the year. Jonah Schloneger said he enjoyed his Spotify Wrapped this year and that it is a good way for friends to share music. 

“I think that Spotify Wrapped is a great way to see a clear image of your music taste and the songs/artists that impact you the most,” Schloneger said. “It gives a great outlet for listeners to shamelessly share their music taste with the world and stand by the music that they love. It’s so important that people share the music that they love in order to support these artists and songs.”