Thanksgiving plans changed due to pandemic

Elly Green, Reporter

Since 1621 family and friends have gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving in the only way we know how, by eating. Relationships grew stronger through sharing bread, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and many more dishes considered essential at a Thanksgiving dinner. However, since the continual spread of COVID-19, Americans have been asking, how will we celebrate the holidays? 

For freshman Mateya McCord, Thanksgiving pre-COVID consisted of her visiting her grandparents in Texas. Instead, McCord plans on staying in town and seeing a couple of her close relatives to eat dinner with.  

I am missing out on going to Texas and seeing everyone in my family,” McCord said. “I will miss seeing them but I know that not traveling and staying away from people who I don’t normally see is a somewhat healthy way of participating in Thanksgiving.” 

Senior John Koontz plans to spend his Thanksgiving eating outside with his family. Koontz and his family ordered their Thanksgiving meal from Hog Wild Pit Barbeque, and they plan to take proper precautions to keep one another safe. 

“I’ll be wearing a mask when I’m not eating, I’ll social distance, and I’ll be careful not to touch serving spoons to my plate,” Koontz said. 

To avoid missing out on many important holidays and celebrations amidst a global pandemic, many young adults and teens have participated in virtual gatherings. Some examples being virtual prom, virtual homecoming and virtual birthday parties. Koontz explains that he plans to participate in a virtual “friends-giving” with some of his closest friends and family.

“I’m also doing a Zoom friends-giving with some people where we cook and share food but then eat it at our separate houses over zoom,” Koontz said.

Even with restrictions on Thanksgiving this year, festivities for the holidays are still in full swing. Activities like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still scheduled for this year in hopes that normal life can continue even with a few setbacks. McCord explains how she plans to be safe for the upcoming holiday season and what her hopes are for the future. 

“I plan on staying healthy while still celebrating by lowering the limit of people I hang out with and wear my mask,” McCord said. “I am hoping by Christmas everything will be back to normal.”