The rise of “Among Us”


Eris Rindt, Reporter

While browsing across any social media platform, students are bound to come across a glimpse of the colorful astronauts from “Among Us” along with antics from the game’s players. The game Among Us was released in June of 2018 and has had a huge surge in popularity in the fall of 2020. Among Us is a multiplayer murder mystery game that focuses on the players deductive reasoning skills. 

In Among Us, there are two roles that can be played, crewmate and imposter. As a crewmate the object is to complete tasks while trying to avoid the imposter. Freshman Azaria Pauls says that the game is easy to get the hang of and that she enjoys playing as the crewmate and communicating with other players in order to try and find who the imposter could be. 

“It wasn’t too hard to adjust to playing. It took me a couple games and then I got it,” Pauls said. “My favorite part of the game is when I am a crewmate and I get to guess who the imposter is with the clues that I put together from everyone in the chat.”

Among Us has over 85 million mobile downloads according to SensorTower. The game has been around for two years but has a 4.4 star rating on the Google Play store. Sophomore Megan Rice says the “hype” the game is getting is well deserved and that the game has many fun moments. 

“I definitely think the game gets the hype it deserves because it is so fun and entertaining,” Rice said. “My favorite moment is when I played with my friends and nobody could figure out who the imposter was so we all turned against each other. I love being the imposter even though I am so bad at it.”

The game can be played on a wide variety of devices such as Androids, iOS and Windows PC. As long as the potential player has access to a PC or smartphone then they have no reason to turn down a game. Among Us can be played with friends or with a group of complete strangers that happen to be online at the same moment. Senior Madyson Groves says she has been playing with her friends in college or with her family but has also been playing in public online games. 

“[It’s fun] getting to play with people I know that are far away,” Groves said. “My best friend is at college and we will get into the same game while we facetime and it is so fun. I taught my parents and siblings and we all play together. I like being the impostor especially when I play with my family because their reactions to being killed by me are so funny.”