Halloween Horoscopes


Halloween Horoscope Readings by alias Raven Sanderson

Aries: The fire sign, Aries should prepare to take a chill pill this Halloween. After a long week of being a passionate leader, the Aries should expect a weekend of tasty food, their favorite movies, and some alone time, finally. 


Taurus: The earth sign, Taurus, prepare for a fun night of activities and surprises from your soulmate, whether this be your best friend or significant other, expect nothing but the best on Halloween, and don’t accept anything other than it. 


Gemini: The air sign, Gemini, should be ready to have a weekend of nonstop fun. Have your Halloween costumes ready because several nights of exciting social interactions await you. Make sure you are being yourself, you will end up being the life of the party.


Cancer: The water sign, Cancer, should gear up and prepare for a weekend of absolute madness. Tensions between you and your inner thoughts and feelings will be on high these next couple nights. Continue to find comfort in your friendships, you will need them most during these times. 


Leo: The fire sign, Leo, is anxiously awaiting a weekend of loving yourself, like always. Confidence will be on high, so ride that wave as long as possible. Spend as much time with your mutuals as possible to boost your confidence even more, but remember to save some time to look in the mirror and bask in your glory. 


Virgo: The earth sign, Virgo, should spend their next couple nights being as creative as possible. When you get done putting your hardworking trait to the test and finishing all of your to-do list, tap into your creative outlet and draw, paint, craft, whatever you find comforting. 


Libra: The air sign, Libra, should prepare themselves and their emotions for a weekend of mediating arguments between several important figures in your life. The natural born peacemaker in you will be put to use this Halloween night to save the emotions of your friends. 


Scorpio: The water sign, Scorpio, should keep their hearts open minded this weekend as a new love interest emerges into their lives. Passionate as ever, the Scorpio should take slow steps when letting this person into their heart and life. 


Sagittarius: The fire sign, Sagittarius, should prepare to be extremely frustrated this weekend as their freedom becomes limited by a guardian figure in their life. Since you hate being bossed around, you will continue to become more aggravated the next couple of days when this mysterious guardian figure refuses to keep their nose out of your business.


Capricorn: The earth sign, Capricorn, will be unamused this Halloween as they watch their close friends obsess over everything spooky and scary. You are not one to believe in the supernatural, nobody expects you to since you are always so realistic.


Aquarius: The air sign, Aquarius, is excited to spend their weekend alone doing basically nothing. You are a natural born independent, meaning that whenever you get the chance, you will spend your time alone, in your favorite habitat. 


Pisces: The water sign, Pisces, will experience a surge of supernatural energy this Halloween. As curious as you are, it is important to stray from these urges and feelings, your safety may be at risk if you follow through with your emotions and play into the supernatural game.