Clubs altered due to COVID-19


Eris Rindt, Reporter

The school year of 2020 has been one of many changes and clubs are no exception. On Sept. 25, many clubs had their first meeting of the 2020-21 school year. Students were given the option to sign up for any club they found interesting through a Google Form. Google Meet links were sent out to students that signed up for clubs but have chosen to participate in remote learning. 

Sophomore Immie Smith is a new student to NHS and she believes that clubs are very different now with COVID-19 as well as just different than clubs held at her previous school. Smith is a member of STAND and at their first meeting they began preparing for Red Ribbon week. Red Ribbon week is the largest drug-abuse prevention campaign in the United States.

“I am in the club STAND,” Smith said. “[So far] we have discussed different things we would like to do during Red Ribbon week. I went to a different school last year so it is very different but with COVID-19 it is completely different because at my [previous] school we would buy pizza and snacks and eat while discussing.”

Senior Mackenzie Glasmann is in three clubs and all three participated in activities that abided by the social distancing rules and regulations set by the CDC. In previous years, the various clubs that Glasmann attends had activities that involved physical touch but due to COVID-19 that was not possible this year. 

“In Tri-M we went over bylaws and just talked about what the club is,” Glasmann said. “In drama club, we were introduced and played some games while maintaining social distancing. In STUCO we started signing up for committees and introducing ourselves. It feels a little bit different because some of the ice breakers that we used to do involved some form of physical touch.

Students are not the only participants involved in clubs, English teacher Lisa Otter sponsors three clubs and along with Smith and Glasmann she believes that COVID-19 has affected clubs drastically. Although Otter reminds her club attendees that online club meetings will always be an option, she says that face to face bonding is preferred but not required. 

“Each of the groups I sponsor (HSDA, Environment, co-sponsor GSA) offer Google Meet options for club participation,” Otter said. “Obviously having all members meeting face-to-face makes relationship building much easier but it is so important to have every student involved in a group. There is no part of the educational experience that has not been affected by COVID-19.”