COVID-19 affects school lunch


Eris Rindt, Reporter

Covid-19 has affected the 2020 school year like never before, some of the major effects are wearing masks all day and social distancing, but a slightly overlooked change is the way lunch runs. Lunch, for students who chose the flexible path of learning, also has new rules and mandates for student safety. 

The social distancing rule has effected the usual lunch routine of sophomore Jaye Skinner. Skinner is disappointed that she can’t sit with multiple people at lunch, like she did her freshman year. 

“[Lunch] is a little different than last year, i’m kind of sad that I can’t sit with multiple people,” Skinner said. “[On a typical day] I sit in the cafeteria or I go to one of my friend’s house that is remote [to eat lunch.]”

This year has been full of many new experiences for students, but the choice for   upperclassmen to go out for lunch has remained the same. This is a good opportunity for students to be around friends that they might not have been able to sit with during lunch with the new restrictions in the cafeteria. Senior Tessa Preheim says she has not really been bothered by the new changes due to her usual routine of leaving the building for lunch.

“I think lunch is fine, it’s like what I did last year and it’s not that different,” Preheim said. “I go out with friends or just go home for lunch.”

Junior Karly Green has been experiencing the challenge of finding close friends to sit with during the social distanced lunch, due to the hybrid schedule NHS has been in. 

“It’s weird having lunch with people I don’t know or don’t normally sit with,” Green said. “There are people that are in hybrid A that aren’t in hybrid B that I’m friends with, so it makes things challenging.”

Many students have voiced that they have felt hardships of finding a seat by people they know due to the hybrid schedule. Green decided to change her normal routine for lunch these past few weeks to help her feel more comfortable. 

“On a typical day I stay [at school] and I go to Ms. Bartel’s room. She’s the Special Education teacher that I’m close with,” Green said. “I do that because I don’t really have anyone to sit with and I’d rather be in a place I can be myself than sit alone and be awkward.”