New staff feature: Bryan Gilmore


Ava Olson, Reporter

Over the past six months, since NHS closed its doors and transitioned online, 18 new faces have been welcomed to the building. One of those new faces around the building is the face of Bryan Gilmore. Gilmore is a part of the Interrelated Special Education Department. 

Gilmore is a new special education math and science teacher at NHS. A number of upperclassmen may recognize Gilmore from his year as a student teacher.

“I had a great experience student teaching here in the fall of 2019 that made me want to start my teaching career here,” Gilmore said.

Gilmore has a bachelor’s degree from Bethel College and is looking forward to starting his Masters degree within the next year. In addition to teaching, Gilmore coaches the offensive line for the Bethel College football team. When he’s not teaching in person, Gilmore is doing all that he can to make sure that his remote students are engaged in their classwork and understanding the material.

“Learning to deal with remote has been the most difficult part of the job so far,” Gilmore said.

Many teachers and students have had a lot of extra stress and work on their plates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gilmore feels particularly challenged by not being able to do hands-on activities and having to work through a computer screen. However, the larger workload is worth it for Gilmore when he gets to see his students succeed in school and build positive relationships with them.

“I enjoy trying to help students develop new skills and I feel like I have a long career of doing that ahead of me,” Gilmore said.