Senior Feature: Make-up artists


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Posted to her Instagram on Dec. 10, 2019, Estrella Chavez shows off her red toned makeup look. Chavez was initially hesitant to create a profile, but was inspired by famous Instagram makeup accounts.

While some artists opt for the typical canvas, paper, or even walls, makeup artists transform human canvases into the desired character or appearance. Seniors Becca Meyer, Estrella Chavez and Kyndal Peck express themselves through makeup, sharing their creations on social media and providing others with services.
All three girls said they first expressed an interest in makeup after watching those around them. Whereas Meyer was inspired by YouTube beauty gurus, Chavez and Peck observed family members- some of which work in the beauty industry.
“As a kid, I was always watching my mom and my aunt do their makeup for the day. My mom is a hairdresser as well as a photographer so I was around makeup a lot,” Peck said. “I guess it just seemed really cool to me.”
As for developing their skills, the girls said they learned through consistent practice on both themselves and others.
“I developed my skills by practicing a lot. In the beginning, it was just to look pretty and the basic everyday looks, then it went to making it look more like art. I have always been very artistic and I love doing new things and adapting with the new beauty tricks and looks,” Chavez said.
However, skills can not be practiced without the correct tools. Meyer said she has spent around $750 on makeup and equipment, while Chavez and Peck both said they have spent around $1000 or more.
“I have easily spent around $1,000 on makeup and tools. Some of my things were gifts, but I can’t even imagine how much everything I’ve owned has cost,” Peck said.
Despite being anxious about starting a makeup account due to criticism, Chavez was inspired to create an Instagram profile designated to her art.
“I wanted an account to show my skills and artistic side. Now I love it and all the positivity I get from it,” Chavez said.
Peck, on the other hand, is using her account as a platform to attract clients. She graduated at semester and is currently in school at Eric Fisher Academy to be an esthetician.
“I would say most of the time I am showing my work [on my account], however in the future I will be using it to contact clients and bring in new people,” Peck said.
Through promoting their work on Instagram, Meyer said she has worked on 30 plus clients, while Chavez has had around 15 clients, and Peck has provided makeup for both customers and the high school theater department. Most typically the girls are providing makeup for events such as quinceaneras and prom.
“What I love most about doing makeup for others is watching their reaction when I show them their final look, it makes me happy knowing they now have more confidence and feel beautiful for their day,” Meyer said. “I also love getting to know the client and learning more about them.”
In addition to supplying clients with a sense of confidence, Peck said she loves the opportunity to explore.
“I love doing makeup on other people because it is a whole new canvas to work with. I mean I can only do so much to my own face but with someone else’s eye shape or cheekbones, the possibilities are endless,” Peck said.
While Peck is attending school to be an esthetician where she will provide skincare and makeup, Meyer and Chavez plan to pursue different careers. However, they said makeup will always be a part of their lives whether it is a hobby or profitable side job.
“My original plan after high school was to attend cosmetology school to become licensed and work at a salon, but I later found an interest in owning my own business,” Meyer said. “Therefore, I am attending business school for marketing and entrepreneurship, and if I am still interested in cosmetology, I will attend school for that afterward.”
With using makeup for artistic expression and self confidence, Chavez said makeup has changed her life.
“I have grown to love it, it’s not only because I don’t feel good without it, just because it’s had such a great outcome in my life,” Chavez said. “To me, makeup isn’t just a mask, it’s something I can experiment with and it’s just fun.”
On the other hand, Peck said makeup has had a different significance in her life.
“To me, it’s honestly routine. I get up, I eat, I get dressed, I do my make up. It’s simple,” Peck said. “But when I get the chance to use a model it really is inspiring. It lets my mind roam and push my skill limits. I am always learning and that is important.”