Baldwin creates jewelry during quarantine

Finding oneself stuck at home during this quarantine, some may have found a new hobby. Junior Callan Baldwin has started making bracelets, necklaces and anklets out of clay beads to be his new hobby. Baldwin said that his inspiration was the Pura Vida jewelry that he saw online.
During his sophomore year, Baldwin was introduced to the creation of clay beads from his ceramics teacher. With being stuck inside he took something that he was familiar with and turned it into something that he could potentially sell to others.
“I started making jewelry when I saw a cool bracelet on the internet and made it myself. I would post a pic on Instagram and see if anybody would be interested,” Baldwin said.
Not being able to be in contact with others makes it harder for Baldwin to be able to sell or give his jewelry to others. At the moment, Baldwin has made the majority of the jewelry for himself and his family members.
“Callan has made me two pieces of jewelry since he has started to make these different pieces of jewelry. He made me a bead/charm bracelet and a mix and match glass bead anklet,” Callan’s mother Megan Baldwin said.
Creating jewelry may have started off as a hobby to do while in quarantine, but Baldwin said that he wants to continue this hobby after quarantine. Baldwin has not completely decided on if he will sell his finished products but hopes to maybe do so after self-isolation is over with.
“I will definitely continue making bracelets after the quarantine. I would like to take orders for different styles of bracelet, anklet or a necklace,” Baldwin said.