Hanchett creates etsy boutique

During quarantine, many students are doing whatever they can to keep themselves occupied. For junior Chloe Hanchett, to keep her busy, she has plans to open her own Etsy boutique entitled “Faith and Beyond.”
Having the dream since she was a child, Hanchett is benefiting from her free time and accomplishing what she’s always wanted to do. Being a Disney fan, Hanchett picked the name based on famous Disney quotes.
“‘Faith and Beyond’ is from lines in Disney movies. ‘Faith’ from ‘Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust’ and ‘beyond’ from ‘To Infinity and Beyond,’” Hanchett said.
As opposed to other stores, Hanchett plans to take old, donated clothing and accessories and upcycle them into new materials using fabric from second hand stores to help reduce pollution.
“I think it’s unique because you don’t see very many boutiques that are transforming old clothes into something new,” Hanchett said.
In addition to creating a unique business, Hanchett plans to donate 100 percent of the earnings to foster and adoption programs.
“My whole family has either been adopted or has been in a foster home and that’s why I want to help others,” Hanchett said. “Every kid should feel like they have a home to go to.”
In order to make the most popular clothes she can, Hanchett has developed a routine to get inspired.
“I first look at Urban outfitters and all those really expensive clothing brands and I see what’s trending and some of the top sellers,” Hanchett said. “After that, I usually move to Pinterest to see cute designs like embroidery and I’ll start with that and move to sewing.”
Due to the work, Hanchett has to do to maintain her business, she struggles to find time for other activities. However, Hanchett has one of her close friends to help her with the business.
“I was so happy when she told me what she wanted to do and asked me to help,” Chloe Smith said. “She always told me how much she wanted to do and I’m glad she is letting me be a part of that.”
Hanchett plans to use her summer to finish up making products and officially open in August right before school.
“I have no clue what the reaction will be. I’m just hoping that at least one person likes what I am doing,” Hanchett said. “I’m just doing it because I love it and it brings me happiness.”