Shows, movies to binge during quarantine

With all of the events that have transpired during the past few weeks, students have had a great amount of time to themselves. When students are not able to go outside and freely hang out with friends, some find new ways to entertain themselves. For some that could be taking naps, playing videogames, and for others, this includes binge-watching TV shows.
Students have been spending a large amount of time on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and many more. In a survey that was sent out to students, out of 69 responses 49 students preferred to use Netflix when watching their favorite shows and movies.
“I like to use Netflix because it has a bigger platform for movies,” sophomore Jacey Yager said. “Some of my favorite shows are on there as well.”
From the previously mentioned survey, the show that was the most recommended for people to watch was “The Office” with 10 votes. “All American” came in second with 8 votes.
“I like to watch ‘All American’ because it’s about two totally different worlds and how they’re colliding,” Yager said. “Also it shows you that no matter how much we go through our family will always be there, and I feel like that’s a good show to watch during quarantine.”
However, there was no one favorite movie as all surveyed students suggested different recommendations. Aside from one or two responses that were the same, students all had different interests in genres, suggesting that no one movie is superior.
“I don’t have a favorite type of film genre if I’m being honest because there are just so many great films out there,” sophomore Jonah Remsberg said. “I find myself watching these contemporary films that are kind of their own thing.”
It can be difficult for students to find the perfect show that will appeal to them. Especially with new shows being released every few weeks, such as “Tiger King”. While recommended by few, Remsberg suggests it in case you are in need of fresh content.
“One of the TV shows I would recommend people to watch is definitely ‘Atlanta’,” Remsberg said. “Also probably ‘Tiger King’ because it is literally unfathomable how insane it is.”