COVID-19 part six: Changes to competitions

Many students in various clubs or groups had trips planned for spring break or later in the school year. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many have had to cancel/modify these events to keep everyone safe. Such events include the Railaires trip to Disney World, the Business Professionals of America (BPA) National Conference, and the Kansas Scholastic Press Association (KSPA) 2020 State Contest.
The first of these events to be canceled was the Railaires’ spring break trip to Disney World. The choir group planned to travel to the resort in Orlando, Fla. and perform for attendees. However, before they left Newton, Disney announced the shutdown of all its theme parks and the group was not able to go. Many were hoping to reschedule the trip but were not able to do so because of the outbreak.
“I was heartbroken, me and everyone else in the choir had been looking forward to that trip all year,” sophomore Alexis Epp said. “We worked so hard and then it was just stripped away from us.”
Alongside the Disney trip and multiple others being canceled, many organizations have also reconstructed their competition proceedings to accompany students while they are practicing social distancing.
BPA was going to hold Nationals in Washington D.C. However, they have altered the event so students can vote for National offices and get certificates from their home.
“I’m glad that they [BPA national officers] are still doing what they can to make up for the cancellation,” senior Kaeden Thurber said.
Another event that has been modified is the KSPA State Contest. Students who qualified for state now would have traveled to the University of Kansas on May 2 to compete in the onsite competition. Although, journalism students will now receive their prompts at home and have a specified amount of time to complete their tasks.
“For me personally, I was a little disappointed that we weren’t going to have an on-site contest because it is a lot of fun,” senior Schyler Entz said. “Although, I am glad we still get to participate and get the chance to compete, even if it is a little different.”
While many students were disappointed with the canceling/changing of events, they were willing to adapt to alterations.
“Even though it sucks that we were not able to actually go and do what we were originally supposed to do, I know everyone is in this together,” Entz said.

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