1st Clubs Feb. 21

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Freshmen Madison Hershberger and Isabel Madrigal choose the string they want to create their bracelets during friendship bracelet club.

On Feb 21, students met up with their first clubs depending on what club they signed up for. Students were distributed amongst the school depending on what club they are in. Ping pong club met in Willis gym, Law Enforcement club was supposed to meet in the auditorium, drone club in the freshman locker section to fly drones, etc. Tri-M club was one of the many clubs who met up on this day. 

“My favorite thing about Tri-M is probably making more friends in the music department. We play a lot of games and we get to know each other,” sophomore Sarah Georgiou said.

Many clubs were cancelled and unfortunately did not meet. But, there will be another chance for the clubs to meet next month when clubs get together again. There are a good number of students who participate in friendship bracelet club and meet in the library to hang out as well as make a variety of different bracelets. 

“I have learned how to make one type of bracelet which is pretty cool and I think it’s just beneficial because it’s kind of a relaxing hobby,” freshman Madison Hershberger said.

In addition to first clubs, students who have a second club also meet on different days of each month. Some students sign up for both first clubs and second clubs as a way to get involved. Other students join clubs because of a certain class they take that either requires them or encourages them to join that club.