Homecoming Pep Assembly Feb. 7

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1st Clubs Feb. 21
March 12, 2020
Seniors Chandlor Buffalo and Henry Claassen do their practiced handshake routine in front of the student body.

The 2020 winter homecoming pep assembly was held in Ravenscroft gym on Feb. 7th. The assembly consisted of games, dances, and cheering. In addition, the drumline performed as well as the Railiners and cheerleaders. A heart warming performance was done by the Railiners, and special education students that was practiced weeks before the pep assembly. 

“I really enjoyed the fact that we got to be with the differ-ability kids and show them to the school and put them in the spotlight and show that they are not outsiders of the school and that we appreciate them, and we just want to make them feel more comfortable in the school,” sophomore Railiner Kayla Wong said.

After a week of voting and electing, the 2020 winter homecoming candidates were announced during the assembly. While being announced, the pairs each walked slowly on the gym floor then proceeded to do a practiced handshake they created together. There was also a game played by the homecoming candidates that was put together by the cheerleaders. The drumline also performed. To conclude the pep assembly, the cheerleaders led the alma mater in front of the student body and the “We will” cheer led by senior Tony Lemus.

“My favorite part was the alma mater and the fight song at the very end because all of us cheerleaders and Railiners get to go in the middle [of the gym] and be together and it is just a really happy moment,” sophomore cheerleader Katelin Koehn said.

Homecoming basketball games took place on Feb. 7 in Ravenscroft gym as well. During the boys’ varsity basketball game, the homecoming king and queen were announced at half-time. To finish off the night, many students dressed up in formal clothes and attended the homecoming dance held at the high school.