Railiners perform twice in one week


Olivia Adams

Posing in passé, the Railiners perform a group jazz dance at the home dance competition. The competition was held on Feb. 15, 2020.

Two dance showcases in six days. The Railiners performed at Rally in the Valley and hosted their first dance competition. The dance competition was held on Feb. 15, 2020, in Ravenscroft gym, and Rally in the Valley was held at Valley Center High School on Feb. 20, 2020.
Railiners prepared two group dances, one of them being the dance they performed at the tournament of champions (TOC). The preparation of the dances started in November when they learned their first group routine.
“When we started practicing our dances for the competition it was a lot more intense than just for basketball game because we were really trying to do our absolute best and make it look the best they could and the dances themselves we did at the competition were also a little bit harder,” senior Emily Brant said.
Not only did the Railiners perform two group dances, but dancers were also able to sign up to perform either solos or duets at the competition. If a dancer decided to do a solo or duet, they had to choreograph and pay the fees for the dance by themselves. The dancers that performed these individual dances were junior Evie Bartley, sophomore Elly Green, senior Chandlor Buffalo, sophomore Linda Shine and junior Alaycea Kremeier.
“To be able to do a solo or duet you just had to make sure you were you were showing that you were going to be putting in the work and that you had good grades other than that it was open to whoever wanted to do them,” Brant said.
The preparation went smoothly, and the team was both in charge of getting their own dances ready, and making sure the school was ready for the competition. Railiners were in charge of making sure that tables were set up and dancers had dressing rooms to prepare in. Dancers were also given the option to practice in Willis gym.

“ If we are able to host this competition again next year we would love to do it again, it was so much fun,” Bartley said.

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