Flash mob revealed at winter pep assembly

As students entered Ravenscroft gym on Feb. 7 for the Winter sports week pep assembly, no one suspected anything out of the ordinary. However, during the Railiner performance, students were greeted with a special surprise. 

In addition to principal Lisa Moore dancing alongside the Railiners, the dance was also choreographed to include students from Michelle Schrag and Michelle Eron’s classes. After several practices, Schrag noticed a change in some students’ demeanor.

 “Our most quiet ones that normally aren’t very outgoing, when they got with their partner, all of a sudden, they were exploding,” Schrag said. 

Each student was partnered with one Railiner dancer throughout the performance.

“I hoped that the crowd would hype everyone up and they did. They deserve to shine,” Railiner junior Jordyn Spillane said.

 Railiner coach Amy Pollard had wanted to make this flash mob dream into a reality. Due to a family member having disabilities, she wanted to have a dance that involved inclusion and representation.

 “I have a big heart for differ-ability kids and inclusion is something that is really big for me,” Pollard said. “It’s something that’s been on my heart and I’ve wanted to do it forever; it was just a good moment to do it.”

Many students involved in this dance enjoyed it quite much saying they would do it again.

“My favorite part was doing the hand shake with my Railiner,” junior Raven Stafford said. 

Kati Blaylock
Select students, teachers pose with the Railiners after their flash mob performance during the pep assembly on Feb. 7.
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