Paint and Draw I Jan. 29

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1st Clubs Feb. 21
March 12, 2020
Sophomore Brooke Gill and senior Brooke Petersen work on their projects as they talk.

 On January 29, students in Painting and Drawing I worked on their drawings and paintings of their choice. Students in the class were making projects with pencils, colored pencils, and paints. There was a lot of variety throughout the class on what materials each student used. Most students use what they feel most comfortable with and most confident with to create their art work. 

“I am currently working on a portrait drawing, and adding shading in with oil pastels. I’ve learned that it is better to take your time and make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your artwork,” sophomore Marcella Timmons said.

Painting and Drawing class is for students who have already taken Art Basics. It uses skills from Art Basics as well as new skills that are taught to the students. The class also focuses on the history of art as well so that the students understand the meaning and culture behind art throughout the years. Students also learn new types of art and new ways to create art as well. 

“From this class I’ve learned how to make my art more proportional, and I’ve also learned how to create different perspectives,” sophomore Ben Crawford said.

By taking Painting and Drawing, students are able to be creative and show skills they have developed over time. There are also many opportunities for students to have more freedom to make more of their art personal and meaningful to them. Throughout the course, the students are still learning tons of new skills and techniques that will help them improve their art.