Coaches Corner: Powell new girls swim coach

Macy Rice

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After two years as the boys swim coach, Kim Powell is now taking over the girls swim team. She has prior experience coaching at Junction City four years and has helped train triathlete and swimmers of all ages. She swam at the lake by her house growing up and was the captain of her swim team her senior year at Gloversville High School in New York. She swam in college at State University of New York at Cortland, coaching as an assistant there for one year.

What made you decide to take up an extra coaching responsibility?
“I really enjoy swimming and seeing athletes be successful in the pool, and it’s a good continuation from the boys team to the girls team.”

Do you expect coaching girls will be different from coaching boys?
“It is very different, in a good way. They have such different personalities; the girls tend to work harder in the pool, and the boys usually take more risks, especially when it comes to diving. The boys are not afraid to try new things, but the girls put in more yards than the boys.”

How is coaching swim different than typical sports?
“I think there is a lot of similarities between track and swim, just because of how we train. I am a huge fan of Coach Snyder, and he created 16 goals for success that I always talk about with my team. Self-discipline is one of the most important things, especially when it comes to being at practice on time and putting in all of your yards. Being kind and respectful, having enthusiasm, and never giving up are also important characteristics as well.”