JV Girls Basketball Tournament Dec.14

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March 12, 2020
Junior Maylee Edwards and freshman Kaci Bass jump to get the ball.

The JV girls basketball team played in a tournament on Dec 14. In Ravenscroft gym. Their first game was against Maize at 9:00 a.m. The girls scored a few points in the beginning and took time-outs as necessary. Lots of combinations of different players were put into the game as needed. This made it to where the girls all got some playing time. The Railers were picking each other up on the court when mistakes were made, and helping each other out. 

“ Overall we played really well for the two games, although we got down on ourselves and overall we need to work on our defense and keep shooting on offense,” freshman Camryn Entz said.

Throughout the game the Railers made a lot of good free throws and had other good plays that they celebrated. Although the Railers did not come out with a win in their game against Maize, they were able to reflect on what they need to work and improve. Later during the tournament, the girls got to play more games against other teams that included Goddard and Winfeild.

“We did have some really good plays as well as getting the ball inside and that was what we have been working on at practice and it paid off in the end, ” freshman Brylee Budde said.

Just like with all sports, there is always room for improvement. The girls practice everyday after school usually for about 2 hours. They go over different drills and plays that will benefit them when it comes time for a game or tournament. There are a lot of new freshmen players on the girls junior varsity team and for them it is a new high school experience and the team can continue to grow and bond with each other on and off the court.