Human Body Systems Dissect Sheep Brains

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Hillbilly Olympics
March 10, 2020
Junior Elizabeth Crawford holds the sheep brain to get a closer look.

Students in Human Body Systems dissected sheep brains during their nervous system unit on Dec. 11. Students in Frederick Schmidts Human body and Anatomy classes dissected sheep brains throughout the week.

“The sheep brain is the closest thing we could find to the human brain and it is really cool to see how our brains work,” junior Courtney White said.

The lab was a way for the students to be able to physically see the parts of the brain.

“Dissecting the brain was more helpful to me, I learned the parts a lot better because I got to see them in person instead of on a piece of paper,” junior Elizabeth Crawford said.

During the lab students were assigned to point out the parts with their lab partner, remove the Meninges and cut the brain in half. If they took a picture of the brain and labeled it on a Google Document they could receive extra credit.