Hendrickson participates in pagaents

Toddlers in Tiaras, a pageant show that aired from 2009 to 2016 that did in fact depict toddlers wearing tiaras, implanted the pageant bug in many young women. Freshman Gracie Hendrickson happens to be one of them. The show inspired her to begin participating in pageants. Her mother, however, was not on board with her wearing fake teeth and having spray tans to go and compete. To compromise they found natural pageants that she would then start to compete in at age nine.
Pageants have not only been a way to have fun and make her dream come true but also helped boost her self esteem and improve her public speaking.There are many different parts to the pageants that Hendrickson competes in, such as a formal wear, interview with the judges, an on stage question, a fitness routine and sometimes a personal introduction. Hendricksons mother and coach then help her with the outfits, the interview and overall preparing for the pageant.
“The interview was the hardest for me when the judges are like right there in the same room with you interviewing you and all these different questions that are really hard to answer sometimes,” Hendrickson said.
Hendrickson and her mother hired a coach to put her knowledge to work since they were so new to the process. Faith Jordan started working with Hendrickson this August to help her prepare for the prelim pageant. Jordan describes herself as more of a confidence builder along with being her coach and helping with Hendricksons wardrobe. Jordans job is to help Hendrickson with her interviews and introduction, Jordan wants the pageants to go as smoothly and as planned as possible.
“When working on interview we focus on finding her strengths and shining light on her natural talents. We gather what we call confidence points, which are 4-5 things she wants the judges to remember about her,” Jordan said. “We work on delivery to make her feel confident and learn how to control the interview so it goes how she wants.”
Pageants, depending on what type they are, can extend from a few days to an entire week. Hendrickson competes in around one or two pageants a year. Preparing for a pageant takes long hours of practice with her coach to make sure she is prepared. Hendrickson says the hardest part is all the hours she has to put in practice when she would rather watch Netflix or hang out with friends.
“All the hard work pays off because of all the new people you get to meet and the experiences you get to be a part of,” Hendrickson said.
Hendrickson encourages those interested in pageants to do it and not be afraid.From making the decision at age nine to now Hendrickson has not regretted the decision she made to start doing them. With help from her coach and constant encouragement from her family Hendrickson is able to perform with confidence. “Gracie is a natural communicator and performer. It has been my pleasure to be a part of her journey and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes on the way to state,” Jordan said. “She is one of the most genuine down to earth girls, and I know the judges fall in love with her as soon as they meet her.”

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