Edwards competes in MMA tournaments

Edwards competes in MMA tournaments

Kati Blaylock, Newtonian Reporter

As children, everybody had something they aspired to be when they got older. For 5-year-old Maylee Edwards, her dream was to fight. Now a junior, Edwards has been Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting for 11 years. MMA is a form of fighting in which each opponent can strike anywhere and with any part of the body and not get penalized. 

Edwards has been training with Ultimate Martial Arts (UMA) since she was a young girl and where she first saw the sport. 

“I just fell in love with the sport. I went and watched it first, then I got out there and joined in. I just fell in love with it ever since,” Edwards said.

In order to fight in the best condition, a week prior to each fight, Edwards has a special routine she does, which consists of watching what she consumes, training harder, and taking her coach’s advice to heart. 

“Sometimes, it’s mentally challenging because you don’t want to push yourself, but you have to if you want to become the best,” Edwards said. “The most rewarding part is just winning and just keeping your streak. I like the feeling of winning.”

Also competing in school sports during the winter and spring, Edwards take a break from the gym, only going once a week compared to the five days during a normal week, to focus on other sports and activities.

“It’s really hard balancing MMA with all my other sports,” Edwards said.

At the end of last season, Edwards got the opportunity to train at the Junior Olympics, however could not attend due to injury.

“I was very disappointed that I couldn’t compete, but I was still happy I had a chance too,” Edwards said.

After competing in 23 fights, Edwards is currently undefeated. On Nov. 9, Edwards will compete in a tournament, fighting to maintain her unbeaten status. 

“Honestly, it’s kind of sad as it being my last tournament for a while, since winter sports are about to start,” Edwards said. “I am also excited to compete against new girls that I’ve never had to fight before.”