Passion for music inspires student creation

Music is something that can be heard almost everywhere. It can even be created by tapping your fingers on a table and making a catchy sound. However, few people understand the process of working for long periods of time trying to create something that is appealing enough for everyone to enjoy. Seniors Drake Henrich and Mikey Smith have been working together to create music for people to enjoy ever since the eighth grade.

“Me and Drake started talking about how we really wanted to make music just because it would be fun and then we actually started getting really into it,” Smith said. “We create everything in Drake’s house in his bedroom.”

Henrich describes his interest in music as something he really started to take seriously this past summer. He has a passion for writing song lyrics and puts them in a notebook he has which is full of many other ideas.

“I’ve always wanted to do this , I guess it started off as a hobby, but I really started to pursue it this summer,” Henrich said. “I’ve written so many songs, I have journals filled with music and lyrics I’ve written.”

However, Smith and Henrich are not the only students that take their music creations seriously as junior Carson Ebert also has a passion for creating music of his own.

“I’ve played instruments for almost my entire life and so I started watching things on YouTube about how to make music,” Ebert said. “I decided to buy FL Studio (editing software used to create music) and I just started making songs.”

Ebert, Henrich and Smith have all dealt with the negative feedback that comes with creating their own songs. Whether that may mean the structure of a song, figuring out how to use different types of technology, or learning how to take criticism.

“You have to have people criticize you for you to get better,” Smith said. “I mean, it sucks when people are just like, ‘yeah, that song wasn’t that good,’ but it also helps you to make better songs.”

Like any other procedure, things will not always go exactly according to plan. All three of the students have dealt with problems such as writer’s block.

“It’s really just being in the inspired mood,” Ebert said. “If you don’t have anything inspiring to learn about then you just can’t write anything.”

To some creators, having the opportunity to listen to their finished product might be the most crucial part of the music creation process. However, these students find value in the process it takes to create their finished product. This includes bonding with their friends.

“I like hearing the finished product afterwards,” Ebert said. “Also just hearing everything that I created before.”

All three of the students have future plans with their music. Ebert wants to open a music studio. Smith said he just wants to create music until he dies. Henrich just hopes his music can help people and does not care so much about the popularity of his songs.

“Honestly, I don’t care if it blows up,” Henrich said. “My goal is just for someone to hear my song and feel better, I want them to be like, ‘wow, this made me feel good.’”