Students asked teachers: what inspires you?

Macy Rice

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  • “I had some really great teachers. My fourth grade teacher wrote in my yearbook that I should become a teacher. My students [have motivated me to continue teaching]. They are the reason that I come back every day.” – Erica Rickard, math teacher


  • “I had some tremendous teachers growing up who really impacted my life. They influenced me to become a teacher, and I love kids. Young people today need mentors and want people to give them direction, and I try to be one of those people.” – Jeff Comer, history teacher


  • “The students [have motivated me to continue teaching]. The ‘a-ha’ moments that they have when they understand something and learn how to do things on their own is what really keeps me motivated.” – Molly Schauf, family and community services teacher


  • “My students and colleagues motivate me to continue teaching. I love watching my students learn and grow as individuals. I really enjoy building relationships with my students and colleagues and learning from them.” – Susanna Tippett, Spanish teacher


  • “I hope to be a good role model for my students and if there is even one tiny way in which I can inspire them, or help them through a situation, that is my goal. I hope my students will see a bigger world outside of Kansas and even the US.” – Camille Woods, French teacher


  • “I love the challenge of taking a kid who thinks they hate English or is not a good reader or writer and making them love it. I love the academic calendar, where we can start over every year, every semester, every quarter, or even every day.” – LuAnn Zook, English teacher