PE Class Oct. 4

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March 12, 2020
Ready to sprint, the boys in the class get on the line in a sprinting position as they wait for a clap from their teacher, indicating to run.

Physical education is a course that is required in high school and usually taken by freshman students. PE is a good way to ensure that students are getting the exercise they need to be healthy. Lots of students enjoy PE and getting to participate in physical activities in the gym with their friends and classmates is a fun experience for most students. PE also provides good team building skills as well, due to playing games and activities with and against their classmates.

“ I get to be with my friends and play the games. I enjoy PE because of my friends and it’s more exercise”, freshman Trinity Pryor said.

Physical education teacher Lisa Antonowich and other PE teachers are also trying to help their students participate in the activities as well as motivating them. Antonowich also does lots of visual demonstrations and representations of how each activity is played and helps students understand the basics of each game. Each week the classes focus on one sport or activity such as volleyball, tennis, soccer, etc. Then, on most Fridays, they play a game that is not related to the sport they practiced that week. Students are able to raise their heart rates if they participate in PE which can have positive impacts on students’ health.

“PE is good team building and we do a lot of work. It is also a good way to get to know more people, ” sophomore Haley Everett said.

PE classes with continue to do weekly activities as well as learn new things in the classroom. Some PE classes will spend time in a classroom learning about nutrition, safety, as well as CPR basics and more. Physical education classes are a great way to improve student health as well as provide opportunities for good team building skills.