Sept. 18 JV Soccer Game

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March 12, 2020
Walking off the field, freshman Grayson Ybarra, sophomore Aaron Downey, and junior Justice Murray clap after the first half of the game. The Railroaders were ahead in the game by 1 point.

The Newton Railer JV Soccer team won against the junior varsity team of Valley Center at Fischer Field on Sept. 18. The Railroaders were demonstrating good communication during the game. Some players felt as though the team did better in the second half of the game rather than the first.

“In the first half we were slow but the second half we pulled it as a team and worked together,” sophomore Aaron Downey said.

After the second half of the game, Newton had scored 1 point and was maintaining solid defense to prevent Valley Center from scoring. The Railroaders were very confident on the field and demonstrated teamwork which the team values. They worked together to end with a positive result of the game.

“We are a solid team, we are pretty young we got a lot of young players but we are a good team,” Downey said. 

Newton ended the game with a score of 2-0 resulting in a win for the Railroaders. This was a good win for the junior varsity team and they celebrated as the supporters in the stands clapped and cheered. After the game, both teams showed good sportsmanship by giving high fives to each player.