Girls get tough for powderpuff tournament

Faye Smith

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Sophomore Rebekah Nelson carries the ball as junior Mackenzie Parsons chases her flag during the first game on Friday Nov. 4. The sophomores beat the juniors in a close game to play the seniors in the championship game.

Freshman Lindsey Voth

What made you want to play this year?
Because all of my friends are doing it and I wanted to play football. My brother also plays football and I thought it would be fun.

What are you most excited for?
Just to play against the seniors and all of my senior friends. I hope we win but you never know. [I play] mostly just for fun, not really seriously.

Sophomore Jessica Floerke

How your coaches impacted what you’ve learned about football?
Well, they’re all football players, so they know the plays that will actually be tricky and work well and they split us up into skills that they think we will work best at.

How do you feel the outcome of the games will be?
I am pretty sure we have a better chance at doing some better plays this year, and actually knowing our positions this year instead of last year.

Junior Jentry Griswold

Do you watch football or know the rules very well?
I watch football but I don’t know a thing about it. I know there is offense and defense.

How serious are you taking these games? Is it just for fun or blood?
It depends on who we’re playing, because if it’s freshmen it’s all fun, but if it’s the seniors, they beat us last year, we’re about to win.

Senior Karina Brandt

How serious did you take the games?
Oh it was very serious. I mean we had fun too but we really did want to win and we were trying to take it seriously.

How have your coaches impacted you?
So our Freshmen and Sophomore year we had different coaches and we lost all of our games, but Junior year Connor started coaching and since then we’ve won all of our games so I think that was a really good change.