Railaires host ‘Glow Ride’


Courtesy Amy Ives

Railaires dressed in neon prepare for the ride.

On Sept. 13, the Railaires hosted a glow ride to help fundraise for their upcoming Disney World trip. The 2019-2020 Railaires consist of 24 students in total, 12 females and 12 males. The Railaires are led by choir teacher Amy Ives.

Glow ride participants were assigned the task of decorating their bikes with glow in the dark sticks, battery-powered Christmas lights, and other glow in the dark items. A prize was given out to the best decorated bike.

“We had a lot of fun before it got dark,” Ives said. “We had a concession stand, a DJ and we had a miniature bicycle rodeo for little kids in the parking lot. Once it got dark, [riders] left on a little over five-mile bike ride around town. It was a great, fun time.”

The Railaires have hosted fundraisers previously such as chocolate candy bar sales, a car wash, and letters/pledges. Railaires are asked to fundraise $1,200 to pay for their trip to Disney World. New to the Railaires this year, sophomore Caleb Garber was inspired to join by his older brothers and Ives. Garber enthusiastically awaits the trip and fundraised by working the glow ride.

“The glow ride is something family-friendly and easy to do,” Garber said. “You can buy a pack of glowsticks really cheap.”

The Railaires sing popular, more standard songs and dance to some as well. This year the Railaires are singing a lot more jazz type songs due to having more jazz students in class who are able to hear chords often found in jazz. Also new to the Railaires this year is sophomore Tabitha Buffalo. Buffalo is enjoying the Railaires so far this year.

“I have always loved singing,” Buffalo said. “After freshman year of choir and watching the show choir I wanted to be in it.”

On March 14 2020, Ives and the Railaires will undertake an approximately 25 hour drive in a charter bus to reach Disney World. While at Disney, Railaires will perform a 20 minute show at one of Disney World’s parks, ride rides, and see the ocean. The Railaires will return to Newton on March 19, 2020.

“I think it is important for kids that are in music classes to get to see other places besides Kansas,” Ives said. “We will get to see the ocean, which some kids that live in Kansas may never get to see. I think it is a good learning experience and a good performing experience because Disney has very high standards and [the Railaires] get to be a part of that.”