Cheer team gets new assistant coach



Kuhn on left, holding ‘Shockers Up’ sign.

For over six years, the Newton High School cheerleading team has been coached by one sole figure, Angie Voth. This year they were granted another set of stunting hands, new assistant cheer coach Emily Kuhn. 

Kuhn started her cheerleading career on the very floors of Ravenscroft Gym. She cheered three out of her four years in high school, graduated in 2015, then continued her education at Butler Community College. 

During her time at Butler, Kuhn cheered for the college’s spirit squad. From there she went to Wichita State University (WSU). During the summer between her junior and senior year at WSU, Kuhn got a job working for the Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA). From 2017 to 2019 Kuhn was cheering and finishing out her education at WSU.

  “I worked for Universal Cheerleading Association, or UCA. That’s a traveling cheerleading job for the summertime, so I instructed high school cheer camps, kind of like the camp I took the team to this past summer,” Kuhn said.

Voth was Kuhns’ very own cheer coach in high school, providing them with previous experience together. Although this is Kuhns’ first time working alongside another cheer coach, she said that she and Voth work well together.

“She takes the lead on some things that she has experience on and I take the lead on other things,” Kuhn said.

This past summer from June 10-13 in Salina, Kuhn attended her first cheer camp with the team.

“Cheer camp, honestly started out rough, but we pulled through and we did very well the last day, which is performance day, and we took home some trophies,” Kuhn said.

Kuhn said her main goal for the team this year is to develop a closer bond as a team and a whole. Additionally, she plans to strengthen the teams’ cheer skills. To prepare for this, Kuhn and Voth have the cheerleaders at practice three or four times a week, conditioning and stunt conditioning. 

“I’m excited to build the team and their skills as well as how well they cheer for the actual teams that we cheer for,” Kuhn said.