Williams participates in 104 mile bike ride



Williams, dressed in bike gear, prepares for the ride with a coaching friend.

Debate, forensics and speech teacher David Williams took on a goal he has been training for since July 2019. A 60 mile bike ride that turned into a 104 mile bike ride. Williams showed an interest in biking years before and is now getting back into riding them.

Lots of morning bike rides, being chased by dogs, and motivation went into the goal that Williams wanted to achieve. Then on Saturday Aug. 31 Williams, along with a few friends, participated in what he thought was a 60 mile bike ride, but what ended being a 104 mile ride around Pittsburg, Kan. This area is home to a large number of chicken restaurants which Williams noticed during the ride.

“I think we saw every chicken restaurant in the area, because there’s like six or seven different chicken restaurants that are kind of famous. I don’t remember all of the names of them. But it’s kind of weird seeing all those chicken restaurants,” Williams said.

Ten years ago Williams began his interest in biking. He participated in a similar ride in Colorado. Students with the same interest came to Williams and inspired him to create a bike club at NHS.

“About 10 years ago, when I started, I did a lot of cycling. I went and I did a big ride in Colorado that was like 60 miles,” Williams said. “We had several students that were really into cycling at that time. And I also was cycling and they came to me.”

Williams is returning to his hobby of cycling, for many reasons, however the main concern was for his health. With doctor visits and thought Williams decided that he was going to take action and work on a healthier lifestyle.

“I have been working on riding my bike just trying to lose weight and getting more exercise,” Williams said. “They gave me some would not say it was bad news, but it was not super great healthy news, I was like well I am gonna fix that. So I decided to fix it.”

Motivation and riding partners who push Williams to do his best were essential to his training. Williams and his friends used apps to help them track each others progress which then made Williams want to work harder and continue to challenge himself.

“You are not as enthusiastic about it unless you have a goal that you can set. I am going to try and get 2000 miles on my bike before the end of the year,” Williams said.