Newton senior runs for school board

     Often high school students desire to make a change in their school. Senior Nathan Dominguez is actively doing that this school year. Dominguez is running for school board at the upcoming November election, campaigning by walking door to door and talking to the residents of USD 373. Dominguez also campaigns by attending events and through Facebook.

     If elected, Domiguez’s goals are to help minority students find a voice, helping students with mental illnesses find support and have more student representation on the school board in general. This would include altering the anti-discrimination policy. 

     “The number one thing that I would love to accomplish is adding LGBT students to the anti-discrimination policy because right now, they are not currently covered under that,” Dominguez said. “Right now, I feel like we kind of leave them behind, and I do not think it is really enough to say that we support them.” 

      Dominguez’s first interaction with the school board was attending a meeting in winter 2018. He decided to run in spring 2019. 

      “Having a student at every board meeting would be something that I would love to do, whether in an official capacity or another way,” Dominguez said. “I can bring that unique perspective of a student to the boardroom and be able to influence change and discussion in that particular sense.”

      Dominguez is greatly supported by family and friends. Mentors and friends from political campaigns he has volunteered for are also great help and support. Dominguez encourages students who are 18 by Nov. 5 to get registered and vote this upcoming election season. 

     “If you are going to be 18 by Nov. 5 this year, then you’re able to vote,” Dominguez said. ”You can talk to me or you can go to and get registered there. You can even apply for an advanced ballot if your schedule is busy.”