Track May 10

Ben Schmidt

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Boys Basketball
February 3, 2020
Junior Eli Blaufuss hands off the baton to Senior Joel Thompson.

On May 10 the varsity girls and boys track and field team went to campus for league. The Varsity girls placed second for the first time in three years. The Varsity boys placed first at league this year.

The varsity boys team was four points behind Maize and this was the last event. So there was no chance of winning league even if they won the 4 by 400. Sophomore Elijah Edwards was the third runner that race and got cut off by a Maize runner causing the Maize team to disqualify that race. So Maize didn’t score any points which made the boys team win league.

“I was pretty bummed at first because they announced that Maize took first but then a couple minutes later they announced that Maize had dq the 4 by 400. We all started to freak out, it was amazing,” junior Tony Lemus said.

The boys and girls varsity track and field team goes Northwest on May 17 to compete in regionals.