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Students and teachers help each other down the track to finish out their event. Many parents and teachers came out to support the students in the track meet and ended the day with a cookout.

Spring Track Meet

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
April 27, 2018
Chanting along Junior Emma Ellis rallies with the students while they show respect to those who have lost their lives in the school shootings. The student led rally were started by the students in Parkland, FL so they would be able to share their story across the states.

Student Led March

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
March 14, 2018
Junior Amanda Mead sets up to pass the ball to her teammate. After warming up, the girls teamed up and played triangles, kicking the ball between every other person.

Girls Soccer Practice

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
March 2, 2018
Walking of center stage seniors Kylee Breon and Linda Moyo celebrate their win of silver at competition. Over the past few months, Breon and Moyo worked on planning a farewell party for the foreign exchange students.

FCCLA STAR Events Competition

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
February 9, 2018
Hemming the edge of the table cloth, sophomore Emily Penner guides the piece  of fabric while it goes through the machine. Fashion 2 and 3 students helped FACS teacher Molly Schauf, by finishing the table cloths for a CTE event.

Fashion Studios

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
January 24, 2018
Taking the lead, freshman Jamilid Romero walks with her group taking advice from their adviser Patrice Olias. Azteca members practiced throughout the week to perform at Taste of Newton.

Azteca Dance Practice

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
October 24, 2017
Prepping for the matches ahead seniors Kailei Sidebottom and Claudia Canete Molero sit down for a braiding session. That day Sidebottom played singles and Canete Molero played doubles with senior Valentina Samuelli.

Girls JV Tennis Meet

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
October 7, 2017
Junior Fallon Million marks her name in the NHS book, official adding herself as a member.

National Honor Society Inductions

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
September 17, 2017
With a rap on his gavel, senior Toni Synder concludes his last meeting as president of FCCLA.

FCCLA Banquet

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
May 1, 2017
Seniors Dylan Shaw,  Riley Libel and junior Ivy Smith race to the finish line of their classs pancake race.

Pancake Races

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
April 11, 2017
Junior Hannah Rogers moves smoothly through her lane, backstroking until the end of the pool. All of the swimmers were stretching and building up their muscles preparing for future swim meets.

Girls Swimming

Alexis Hightower, Railroader Staffer
March 17, 2017
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