Culinary Essentials – April 9

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Holding a tortilla, junior Mackenzie Redger double checks the recipe.

Culinary essentials is a unique class that teaches students a valuable life skill – cooking. On Tuesday, April 9, students were trying their skills on Mexican food.

“We made tacos and burritos, just the basic, simple stuff,” senior Blazee Stahl said. “Some kids made enchiladas, which were really cool.”

Besides the art of cooking, culinary essentials teaches skills like teamwork and cooperation. Students must be able to complete their task while trusting others in their group to complete their tasks.

“It’s kind of a teamwork thing – somebody does dishes and somebody cooks,” Stahl said. “You work as one team instead of just having two people work.”

Though there are many benefits to the cooking class, Stahl enrolled with hopes to cement her cooking skills before she graduates.

“Honestly, I took this class because I love to cook, but it also gives me new ideas to cook for college,” Stahl said. “But [my favorite part of culinary essential is] getting to cook different types of food. Some days its pizza, and some days its dessert. I absolutely love dessert foods.”