Students justify, compare Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton


Payton Fenwick

Senior Logan Treaster and junior Erik Brown debate their pick for president.

Erik Brown, Guest Columnist

One of the most important skills to have for a job, no matter what the occupation, is experience. The vast majority of people would not want a real estate agent to perform their surgery, or a surgeon to sell their house, so why should an unsuccessful businessman become the 45th President of the United States? Donald Trump has some “fantastic,” “huge,” and “unbelievable” ideas to “Make America Great Again;” however, a great number of his ideas could easily dig the United States in a hole that is too large to get out of.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has ample experience in the political world. She is the former First Lady, former Secretary of State and Senator from New York of eight years. The experience is there, but many people on both sides of the aisle see her as untrustworthy, and use this as justification to vote for Trump. Whether it was the e-mail scandal, or the Benghazi attack, there are justifiable reasons to not vote for her; however, there is no justifiable reason to vote for Donald Trump.

First of all, Trump lacks a strong set of morals. From calling women “slobs,” to calling all Mexicans “rapists,” it is pretty clear to see that he is running an insult-driven campaign. Secondly, many people think Trump should be President because they see him as a successful businessman, when in fact his business schemes have failed him and others on multiple occasions. Finally, Trump has and will be ripping the American people off. A recent New York Times article suggests that he has not paid taxes for over a decade, and his economic policy that he has proposed will just allow the rich to get richer, while others still struggle at the bottom.

Hillary Clinton is far from a great candidate, but Donald Trump is much worse. The only way to keep America great, or “Make America Great Again,” is to ensure that Trump never takes a seat in the oval office.