Kaepernick has the right to sit during national anthem

Aydan Rolph

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Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, recently sat down during the national anthem instead of standing. Kaepernick said that he wouldn’t stand for the flag of a country that treats African Americans so poorly. However, this action has stirred controversy.

Some people argue that “people have died for his right to stand.” The United States has been in war continuously since its beginning in 1776, 218 years out of its 240 of existence to be exact. While there have been questionable wars in which the United States has waged, the United States military has secured our freedom as a democratic country. Our soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives to protect our freedoms. In several countries, it is punishable by death to act against the State. In North Korea, two people were killed in front of 500 people for handling South Korean propaganda. One can assume what would happen if they did not stand for their countries anthem. Our veterans have given their lives for the right to sit or stand during the anthem. These are freedoms that should not be overlooked. One of these freedoms is the right to assemble. Kaepernick’s protest was on par with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Other people argue, “he shouldn’t complain about how black people are treated in this country, because he is well off.” However, his protest doesn’t deal with his own personal experience, but with the experience of all black people in this country. It is a fact that a majority of players and fans against Kaepernick are white. Since Kaepernick’s protest, 17 NFL players have joined him in protests during the anthem. They are all black. Perhaps they know the plight of African Americans in this country better than the average white person does, because they have lived through it.

The NFL is known to have a crime problem. Since 2000, 93 players have been accused of domestic violence, Four of child abuse, and ten for sexual assault. While common knowledge, there has been less outrage against these players than there has been Kaepernick. Why is he the only player being held accountable for his actions?

Kaepernick’s refusal was a protest against the police brutality that afflicts African Americans, and this is what made his actions so controversial. This seems to make the claim that, in the NFL, it is more acceptable to assault a woman than it is to take a social stand.