Orchestra Concert – February 28

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May 13, 2019
The orchestra performs “Drifen” on Thursday, February 28.

Orchestra students held a concert in the auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 28 by performing “Unfinished Symphony”, “Drifen” and “Barbarossa Ville”. Freshman orchestra also performed that night before the full orchestra. 

Sophomore Alondra Valle has been a member of orchestra since 5th grade. She has played the viola for six years. For this concert she practiced for approximately 26 hours during the course of two months.

“I practiced everyday during zero hour, so about 45 minutes each day,” Valle said, “We started practicing during winter break.”

Valle admitted that both she and the orchestra have room for improvement.

“We did ok, but now we just have to get ready and improve on techniques for our festival performances,” Valle said.

Their pre-festival orchestra concert will be on April 8. Their state group music festival will take place on April 17.