Medical Science Trip to Bethel

Asha Regier, Railroader Staffer

Diving deeper into the field of health care, students enrolled in the Medical Science class took a trip to the Bethel College with teacher Richard Mick, and met with nursing professors and current nursing students to learn more about the many parts that make up health care. The students were split into two groups and shown and taught a variety of different things such as Apgar scoring of a new born child as well how to insert an IV.

“[Doing the IV] was very hard,” freshman Joe Slechta said. “I was like the only student in the class who didn’t get it.”

Slechta was only one of the many students who attempted the IV. The IVs were performed on a artificial arm circulated with fake blood, allowing students to know when they had found and placed the IV in the correct position.

“I know I want to go into the medical field,” Slechta said. “My mom and dad both have careers in health care and it’s interesting to me.”

This trip was designed to be a hands on learning experience for students interested in health care professions. With life like mannequin patients and real medical equipment, students were able to feel as if they were actually working in a hospital.

“This trip helped me get a better idea of what I may want to do in the future,” Slechta said. “But i’m still not for sure what I want to do yet.”