Winter Homecoming Pep Assembly

Schyler Entz

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German 1 Class 2/28
March 12, 2020
The snare drums preform during the pep assembly.

To end the week of Homecoming festivities, everyone gathered in Ravenscroft gym on Feb. 14. There were performances from the Choraleers, Cheerleaders, Railiners and the Drumline.

Another part of the homecoming pep assembly is the introduction of the winter homecoming court.

“Being on the hoco court was a wild experience,” senior Jeana Lyons said. “I was super excited and nervous while we were being announced at the assembly.”

The cheerleaders led the court in a game. They had to slide to half court on scooters using toilet plungers to help them move.

“I actually did enjoy the game,” Lyons said. “It was very quick, and was a whole lot less embarrassing than past games hoco court has had to do.”