German Club Donut Making

Junior Emily Penner adds jelly filling inside the donut.

Asha Regier, Railroader Staffer

A main goal for German club is to attract and meet the wants of all students enrolled. As a way to meet this goal, officer of the club, sophomore Kaily Kosminski took a survey earlier in the year, asking students what they would like to do during the times they meet.

“We ask everybody what they want to do and most people said they want to do something outside of a classroom,” sophomore Kailie Kosminski said “So we made donuts. You bake some dough, roll it in sugar, and put jelly inside of it.”

The students met in the culinary room on Feb. 8, and worked in groups to make the donuts. Kosminski described the process as fun, but also stressful for many reasons.

“[The most stressful part was] People not listening” Kosminski said,” Everybody was talking or not listening or not paying attention at all so that was a little bit rough.”

The club this year is much different than last, the club trying to incorporate more interactive things to do together to help get to know eachother better and have more fun doing something different.

“Last year we did a lot of games and watching movies so it’s different from what we did last year,” Kosminski said, “A lot of people like it.”