2nd Clubs – Feb. 8

As the only two members of Ed Rising club, seniors Mollee Ewart-Smith and Naomi Kuhn work on making a poster.

Mallory Seirer, Staffer

Clubs meet every month. Some clubs, like Azteca club, are large. Others are much smaller. Seniors Mollee Ewart Smith and Naomi Kuhn are the only two members of Ed Rising, a club centered on helping students considering careers in education.

“We’re a club for future teachers, so we learn things like classroom management,” Ewart-Smith said. “We were making bulletin boards for the community and career pathway.”

The unique two-member club provides advantages, but also comes with disadvantages. Ed-Rising is not able to reach a large base due to the size of their club, but there is also less friction within the club when it comes to decision-making.

“It can be frustrating at times because you don’t have a lot of people that can pick up the work that you need to do,” Ewart-Smith said. “At other times it’s nice because I can make my own decisions about the club and I don’t have to worry about anyone disliking them.”

The club sponsor, Molly Schauf, has a one-of-a-kind relationship with her small club.

“Ms. Schauf is a crazy cat,” Schauf said. “I love her though. She’s nuts.”